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This unit was employed up to when a new unit was adopted as being more suitable for modern telephone work. The new transmission unit is widely used among the foreign telephone organizations and recently it was termed the "decibel" at the suggestion of the International Advisory Committee on Long Distance Telephony.

The decibel may be defined by the statement that two amounts of power differ by 1 decibel when they are in the ratio of 10 0.

The number of transmission units expressing the ratio of any two powers is therefore ten times the common logarithm of that ratio.

This method of designating the gain or loss of power in telephone circuits permits direct addition or subtraction of the units expressing the efficiency of different parts of the circuit In , J.

Horton argued that the use of the decibel as a unit for quantities other than transmission loss led to confusion, and suggested the name logit for "standard magnitudes which combine by multiplication", to contrast with the name unit for "standard magnitudes which combine by addition".

The ISO Standard defines the following quantities. Finally, the level of a quantity is the logarithm of the ratio of the value of that quantity to a reference value of the same kind of quantity.

The bel is rarely used either without a prefix or with SI unit prefixes other than deci ; it is preferred, for example, to use hundredths of a decibel rather than millibels.

Thus, five one-thousandths of a bel would normally be written '0. The method of expressing a ratio as a level in decibels depends on whether the measured property is a power quantity or a root-power quantity ; see Power, root-power, and field quantities for details.

When referring to measurements of power quantities, a ratio can be expressed as a level in decibels by evaluating ten times the base logarithm of the ratio of the measured quantity to reference value.

Thus, the ratio of P measured power to P 0 reference power is represented by L P , that ratio expressed in decibels, [18] which is calculated using the formula: [19].

The base logarithm of the ratio of the two power quantities is the number of bels. The number of decibels is ten times the number of bels equivalently, a decibel is one-tenth of a bel.

P and P 0 must measure the same type of quantity, and have the same units before calculating the ratio. Rearranging the above equation gives the following formula for P in terms of P 0 and L P :.

When referring to measurements of field quantities, it is usual to consider the ratio of the squares of F measured field and F 0 reference field.

This is because in most applications power is proportional to the square of field, and historically their definitions were formulated to give the same value for relative ratios in such typical cases.

Thus, the following definition is used:. Similarly, in electrical circuits , dissipated power is typically proportional to the square of voltage or current when the impedance is constant.

Taking voltage as an example, this leads to the equation for power gain level L G :. A similar formula holds for current.

The term root-power quantity is introduced by ISO Standard as a substitute of field quantity. The term field quantity is deprecated by that standard.

Although power and field quantities are different quantities, their respective levels are historically measured in the same units, typically decibels.

A factor of 2 is introduced to make changes in the respective levels match under restricted conditions such as when the medium is linear and the same waveform is under consideration with changes in amplitude, or the medium impedance is linear and independent of both frequency and time.

This relies on the relationship. However, even in a linear system in which the power quantity is the product of two linearly related quantities e.

For differences in level, the required relationship is relaxed from that above to one of proportionality i. Frequency-dependent impedances may be analyzed by considering the quantities power spectral density and the associated field quantities via the Fourier transform , which allows elimination of the frequency dependence in the analysis by analyzing the system at each frequency independently.

Since logarithm differences measured in these units often represent power ratios and field ratios, values for both are shown below.

The bel is traditionally used as a unit of logarithmic power ratio, while the neper is used for logarithmic field amplitude ratio.

A change in power ratio by a factor of 10 corresponds to a change in level of 10 dB. Should it be necessary to make the distinction, the number of decibels is written with additional significant figures.

Similarly, an increase of 6. The decibel is useful for representing large ratios and for simplifying representation of multiplied effects such as attenuation from multiple sources along a signal chain.

Its application in systems with additive effects is less intuitive. The logarithmic scale nature of the decibel means that a very large range of ratios can be represented by a convenient number, in a manner similar to scientific notation.

This allows one to clearly visualize huge changes of some quantity. See Bode plot and Semi-log plot. For example:. However, according to its critics, the decibel creates confusion, obscures reasoning, is more related to the era of slide rules than to modern digital processing, and is cumbersome and difficult to interpret.

According to Mitschke, [23] "The advantage of using a logarithmic measure is that in a transmission chain, there are many elements concatenated, and each has its own gain or attenuation.

To obtain the total, addition of decibel values is much more convenient than multiplication of the individual factors. Addition on a logarithmic scale is called logarithmic addition , and can be defined by taking exponentials to convert to a linear scale, adding there, and then taking logarithms to return.

Quantities in decibels are not necessarily additive , [25] [26] thus being "of unacceptable form for use in dimensional analysis ".

The human perception of the intensity of sound and light approximates the logarithm of intensity rather than a linear relationship Weber—Fechner law , making the dB scale a useful measure.

The decibel is commonly used in acoustics as a unit of sound pressure level. The reference pressure for sound in air is set at the typical threshold of perception of an average human and there are common comparisons used to illustrate different levels of sound pressure.

Sound pressure is a field quantity, therefore the field version of the unit definition is used:. Use of the decibel in underwater acoustics leads to confusion, in part because of this difference in reference value.

The human ear has a large dynamic range in sound reception. The ratio of the sound intensity that causes permanent damage during short exposure to that of the quietest sound that the ear can hear is greater than or equal to 1 trillion 10 See also Stevens' power law.

In electronics, the decibel is often used to express power or amplitude ratios as for gains in preference to arithmetic ratios or percentages.

One advantage is that the total decibel gain of a series of components such as amplifiers and attenuators can be calculated simply by summing the decibel gains of the individual components.

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Db SwiГџ

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Individualschulungen Frontalschulungen Online-Schulungen Webinare. Zurück Weiter. Janosch Greifenberg, Geschäftsführer. VIDEO abspielen.

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Beschreibungen, die dbswin 5 enthalten. Transmission Circuits for Telephonic Communication: Methods of analysis and design.

New York: D. Van Nostrand Co. Sound system engineering 2nd ed. Focal Press. December Bell Laboratories Record. January Bell System Technical Journal.

Chapuis, Amos E. Standards Yearbook. National Bureau of Standards, U. Printing Office. Electrical Engineering.

Consultative Committee for Units. Section 3. International Electrotechnical Commission. Part 3: Logarithmic and related quantities, and their units.

Part 3: Logarithmic quantities and units. Physical Properties of Polymers Handbook. Bibcode : ppph. Fundamentals of Hearing: An Introduction Second ed.

Holt, Rinehart and Winston. Microwave Engineering 3rd ed. Decibels and octaves, who needs them?. Journal of sound and vibration, , Gibbings, Dimensional Analysis , p.

Fiber optic installer's field manual. McGraw-Hill Professional. Sangwine and Robin E. Horne The Colour Image Processing Handbook.

Yu and Xiangyang Yang Introduction to optical engineering. Cambridge University Press. In Junichi Nakamura ed. Image sensors and signal processing for digital still cameras.

CRC Press. Why not just use regular voltage and power measurements? Retrieved 16 September Audio postproduction for digital video.

Dictionary of Acoustics. Academic Press, San Diego. Geneva: International Electrotechnical Committee. Johnson, Peter T. Madsen, and Peter L.

Understanding Telephone Electronics. Applied Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, 13 10 , — National Weather Service. Archived from the original on 8 August Retrieved 25 April Archived from the original on 31 March Retrieved 8 August Archived from the original on 10 June RF Components and Circuits.

Field Strength? Retrieved 13 October Journal of lightwave technology, 17 12 , —

Db SwiГџ -

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